As an international digital marketing agency, globalization is a key success factor for our business. The internet has allowed for an open exchange of ideas that's not limited by borders or time zones, making it possible for our team to work across different markets and maintain relationships with clients all over the globe.

Because of this, we greatly value having a multicultural and dynamic working environment at Codedesign. Partnering with universities and colleges such as Foucauld to bring international interns allows us to feed this international company culture. When we receive students, like Clara Benabdesselam, we try our best to integrate them into the team and give them the tools they need to learn and develop their professional skills.

But these internships are a learning opportunity for us, as well. International interns encourage new perspectives in the team, and remind us of the importance of maintaining a global mindset. We feel that even if a student is only with us for 8-12 weeks, they have the potential to leave a lasting impact on the company and become an memorable part of our company's history.


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Nicolette Holmes
Director of Strategic Partnerships


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